Articles Worthy of Your Attention: January 2019

Courtesy of RawPixel vie Pexels

This is the first of a new monthly series where I will share my favorite articles and essays I discovered the previous month. These chosen essays will cover an eclectic assortment of subjects, but all worthy of your time.

This month’s selection includes five articles covering such subjects as Nazi’s, parenting, and birds that steal your children.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

01). The Nazis Are Coming by A.G. Wallace

“The real problem is not that virtually every school grapples with the dilemma of Nazism, but that virtually no school grapples with the dilemma of Communism. These ‘tolerant’ schools are using the power of the state to ‘educate’ students that Nazi murderers are ‘socially unjust’ while Communist murderers are ‘social justice warriors.’”

02. Bailing on Books by Mackenzie Adix

“There are literally thousands of books vying for my attention at the library (my favorite book hunting grounds). Why would I spend my limited reading time on stories that cause me to bail out within the first few chapters when there are so many ‘better’ . . . books waiting in line to enchant me?”

03. Speaking the Gospel as a Dad by Darryl Eyb

“I wish I looked to the gospel more often in my parenting. . . . It’s just easier to be frustrated with my kids than to do the hard work of the gospel.”

04. The Mythical Child-Stealing Birds of Illinois from Atlas Obscura

“Two massive birds, flying in a tight wingtip to wingtip formation were chasing her son, Marlon, pecking and clawing at his shoulders. As Ruth ran to Marlon’s aid, the larger of the two birds sunk their claws into his shirt, fully lifting the 56 pound boy off the ground.”

05. The Religious Problem With the “Religious Problem of Libertarianism” by Jamin Andreas Hübner

“It’s hard to live a good life if you’re being drone-bombed, regulated to death, or constantly stripped-searched for imaginary plants in your pants. It’s hard to have a fulfilling life when it’s illegal to pray on your own porch. It’s hard to make great works of art and learn how to play the violin when Stalin’s officers are hunting you down just for hiding loaves of bread in the snow. And when a license to initiate force against people or property is granted — especially for achieving a morally high goal, the amount of violence committed is as great as the status of the end being sought after. The last century made this particularly clear.”

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