Stop spending & start travelling

Ringing in the new year feeling broke from the holidays can really make your 2017 travel dreams seem like a distant reality. There’s no doubt that travelling CAN be expensive, but it doesn’t HAVE to be. There are many ways to easily budget and save up money by cutting out unnecessary expenses in your day to day routine.

I’ve learned over time that if you have enough desire to travel, you will do anything and everything to make it happen. You don’t need to be rich to travel, you just need to be smart with your money. By cutting back on the luxuries you may be used to treating yourself with, its amazing how quickly you will see the results in your bank account.

So if travelling is on the top of your resolutions list this year, here are some ways you can be smart with your spendings to quickly save some extra cash, and make those travel dreams a reality!

1.) Expensive Make Up

Okay ladies, I know a lot of you are already shaking your head but trust me, once you are sitting on a beach, those expensive eyeshadow palettes and 8 different shades of lipstick will be useless to you. Instead I find my basics that I will use on my travels. This usually includes a BB cream, mascara, and a staple shade of lipstick. Shopping drugstore brand or limiting your make up essentials will definitely save you!


We all love the confidence a new outfit gives us, but no amount of new clothing or handbags will ever give you the long term satisfaction that travel will give you. Once you get out there and experience living out of a bag, you will realize just how little material items play a part in your happiness. I promise all of those shoes sitting in your closet back home will be totally forgotten, serving you no purpose and leaving you with that much less money. If your in desperate need of new clothes try shopping online (way cheaper) or hitting the sale racks.

3.)Eating out

Skip the expensive restaurants and cook at home! It will pay off in your bank account and in your health. Over time you will become more efficient and confident in the kitchen, which will be necessary skills for when you are staying at hostels that provide a kitchen for you to use. Buying groceries and cooking for yourself both at home and while travelling is a huge money saver.


Cutting back on your booze intake will without a doubt save you money. Not to mention you’ll be a lot more productive. Going out to the bar every weekend racking up an expensive bar tab, will only leave you hungover and wondering where all your money went. Try limiting your drinking for special occasions, like New Years Eve or a best friends birthday. Also try buying your own booze and staying in with your friends, this way your not spending money on expensive cab rides!

5.) Expensive Memberships

If you’re keen on saving money, you may want to think about dropping as many expensive memberships as possible. For example, I decided to cancel my fancy gym membership that costs me $80/month, and started working out from home instead. There are endless free workout videos out there that show you how to utilize your space and work out from the comforts of your own home.

6.) Sell your stuff!

Take the time to organize and clean out stuff in your house you don’t use/need. For example I used three different apps to sell all the clothes I never wore, called “let go”, “carousel”, and “varage sale”. These apps connect you with people in your area who are looking to buy second hand stuff in. ALL departments, not just clothing. The apps will vary depending on where you live but if you can find one that works for you it’s a fast way to earn some extra cash.

7.) Beauty Treatments

All the lash extensions, fake nails, spray tans, hair dye etc, that we use to make us feel fabulous, come at a not so fabulous price. If the reason you can’t afford to travel has something to do with all the money spent you spend in a salon, I highly suggest dialling back. When you look back on your life in 50 years, its not going to be your perfectly manicured nails that mattered, it will be the all the amazing life experiences made while travelling!

8.)Unnecessary little purchases

Anything from daily Starbucks runs, to $20 bath bombs. These little purchases may seem minor, but they are the ones that add up over time and can make a significant difference in your pockets. When you are trying to save up money, every little bit counts. Rethinking how your money can be better spent before buying unnecessary items, will likely help you decide what is more important to you. Travel, or that daily venti iced caramel macchiato.