The Way I see It 05/11/17

Maybe an all out nuclear war won’t be so bad…

It’s idiotic to spend one second on the thought of dropping a nuclear bomb. It’s 2017 people, life is good, food is easy to come by and porn is free. Porn is free. What more do you want?

So, still, even after a millennia, there are people who want to kill for their beliefs. I get that, really I do. Your tribe is your safety net, you protect your tribe, I respect that more than anything, I think it’s important. Radiation doesn’t give a fuck about your tribe. It will poison and kill every last one of them or seriously fuck up their kids. Suddenly, I picture a world where every movie has a ‘Sloth.”

Seriously though, and I don’t mean to step on any toes, but how can anybody be considering nuclear war. You know, I often think about our planet. This hunk of rock, lava, grass, and whatever it is made up of, it’s precious, without it we wouldn’t be alive. Without the Earth, we wouldn’t exist. We need to be doing things to help it. Fuck one another. People are people, they are going to hate each other, rape each other, kill each other, and marry each others sister’s, until we evolve to what ever comes after humans. But the Earth, the Earth will be here, and it will continue giving us everything it takes to survive, for free mind you.

Any thoughts of massive war, more stupid fucking deforestation, profit seeking for the sake of just one more billion, and anything that satisfies one of the seven deadly sins, is a complete waste of time. I’m not asking any single person or politician to be perfect. I by no means am that naive. Human beings fuck up, I get it. We get one life. One opportunity to play this game called life. The Earth is our Monopoly board. Dropping a fucking nuclear bomb on it is like someone knocking over the table the game board is on. Then burning down the house. It’s overkill.

I’m thinking right now what it would be like to see the news report. ‘Nuclear bomb launched. Take cover.’ I bet it would be paralyzing. The fear, the notion that my life was going to be ripped away, because a bunch of people in a city that really ain’t even a city and a mad man in a country where everyone looks the same, would really piss me off. The feeling of the hot nuclear air burning my skin. My eye sight weakening until I go completely blind. Watching my girlfriend suffer and die. Seeing my parents, sitting together holding hands, as they take their last breaths looking into each others eyes. These are the things I’m thinking about. Lovely night isn’t it?

The question that I have is: why?

Why does North Korea have a stick up it’s ass?

Why is D. Trump so bad?

Why do people on the right care so much about what a person does with their penis/vagina?

Why is the liberal party full of the most stupid people I have ever seen?

Why a nuclear bomb?

Why can’t we just get along?

Why have we lost touch with God?

I believe people, without a belief in God, will believe in anything. Right now, people believe in BRAVO and ESPN, who preach consumption and consumerism. All God wants you to do is to be a good person. Maybe that is too much to ask.

It may be crazy but that’s the way I see it.

P.S. God can be whatever you want it to be.