No, Colin Kaepernick is not another Jackie Robinson…

He’s just another spoiled kid being played like a pawn by the usual cabal of nihilistic Marxists and misguided anarchists.
The real agenda of Cultural Marxism is not to make the world right; it’s just to watch the damn thing burn.

When Colin Kaepernick said he would stand when things were right he inadvertently gave away a page out of the playbook of Cultural Marxism; start a fight which has no end.

It’s not about setting the house in order; it’s about burning the house down. I say “inadvertently” because, given the fact that he’s done nothing but parrot the lies we keep telling ourselves, I doubt he’s done much serious thinking on social issues and the history of ideas. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon today, as many young men and women have given themselves over to propaganda and speak without thought the things they’re told to think.

So when he said that he’ll stand when things are right it’s doubtful he actually had a clear vision in his mind of a line this nation could cross in which it could be said to “now be right”.

Does such a line even exist?

You have to ask yourself the obvious question, “When will things be right?” Is there a point where a Cultural Marxist will actually lift their head and say, “Wow, this is perfect!”

The answer, of course, is NO.
No, there will never be a point at which things are right and that may the point altogether. It’s been said by some that it’s not un-American to point out the problems that still exist after the last 50 years but, rather, it’s un-American to still have not fixed those problems after 50 years.
But what if the real problem is that there are too many who don’t want a solution at all, nor would even admit to their being a solution, because they need the problems more than they want a solution?

The only reason anyone wages a war that can’t be won is if it is war itself that is the objective; continual fighting is only a strategy if the aim is total destruction. It’s setting people up for failure in order to tear them down.

There is a difference between having high and lofty ideals that are theoretically unattainable but existentially worth the striving so as to encourage a person, or even an entire nation, to constantly seek better for themselves and each other. This nation was founded upon such idealism and its those ideals, not our shortcomings, that are represented by our National Anthem and our flag, which has draped the coffins of so many who have given up their life on this earth so that others could continue working on that better tomorrow.

But this has nothing to do with any sort of idealism or the making of a better tomorrow. This is different. This is about holding up an unreachable, vague, ever shifting tomorrow, in order to wreck havoc today.

Cultural Marxism, which is on full display with the faux protest of Kaepernick, is dangerous because it relies on myths and lies.
It relies on people remaining ignorant to reason and resistant to facts.
It relies on raw emotion over reason.
It relies on strawmen, invisible boogeymen, and unseen forces which can never be combated.
It relies on victory always remaining elusive so the struggle can be eternal. and that is the whole point.
It’s not about fighting anything but solely about starting a thousand fights that will never stop.

So when Colin Kaepernick says he’ll stand when things are right he is giving away the game plan by resorting to the oldest play in the Cultural Marxist’s playbook; agitation. Nothing is easier to start than a fight. Any drunk can walk into a bar and start one in only a few minutes and a couple choice words. It’s simple but it’s also effective…so too are a box of matches.

Colin Kaepernick, who has had every opportunity in this life to truly make a difference in the lives of others and has squandered them all, is not an activist or a hero in the vein of Jackie Robinson (as some are trying in vain to compare). Jackie Robinson knew struggle; you know the luxury of being born after the struggle. Colin, you’re no Jackie Robinson. You’re just another spoiled kid being played like a pawn in the game being played by the usual cabal of nihilistic Marxists and misguided anarchists.

This isn’t about making things right; it’s about egging a nation and its people on to national suicide.