2018 Liberation List (#2018Liberation)

This project came to me from Cate Hudson by way of a dear friend, ryn daniels. The idea, as I understand it, is to put things down at the beginning of a new year, rather than pick them up. I find the idea particularly interesting because it feels like a lot of my 2017 has been spent engaged in a very similar project. So, without any further dawdling, I am hereby declaring my intention to be free from. . .

  1. Taking accusations of rape, racism, sexism, classism, bigotry, xenophobia, harassment, and assault seriously: I will not hesitate to call a spade a spade.
  2. Similarly, the psuedo-legal obligation many of us on the left seem to feel to offer people interpersonal and professional due process: the state owes you process. I do not.
  3. Being anything other than the self I want to be, at a particular moment. With an exception for being the best advocate I can possibly be as a lawyer. That is an alter I will sacrifice myself on.
  4. Any obligation to be polite in the face of racism, classism, sexism, transphobia, bigotry, etc.
  5. All of the built up self loathing that has kept me from publishing theoretically imperfect pieces of work. As my father used to put it (THIS HAS BEEN AN ISSUE FOR ME FOR A WHILE, OKAY?): no more getting ready to get ready to get ready.
  6. I will ask for, reach for, and apply for, and write the things I want, regardless of whether my credentials are “good enough.”
  7. I will ask for what I want in my relationships, rather than waiting to find out what the other person wants (okay, this one is probably a reach. . .).

I think that covers it. Not a bad list, I think.


In the general spirit of numbers 5 and 6, here’s a picture of me and Zaphod, because we are looking fierce as eff. Even though my skin looks kinda eh and there’s a weird neck fold.

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