Week 11

Continuation of leadership, the art of helpng other is an effective way.

Responsibility vs accountability ? Respondsibility is the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone. Accountability is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for someone’s actions

The difference help in both terms are:

  • time element
  • something inscribed to do
  • somthing that is understood about the role
  • In the charge orin the hands of a follower or a group

what are motives for people to lead

  • to not be able to be under some bad leaders, i would rather lead myself
  • power
  • my upbringing who are all leaders
  • personal gain, payment and perks, glory and recognition
  • feeling of doing what every they want, feeling of liberation

If i was to scale myslelf i would give myself a 7 to be a leader because i grew up very poor so my motive would be money. Being in power and to haveing special privileges that i normally wont get to abuse, as someone who has no weight behind my name.

Many Leaders many a certine motive as i do.

1. Achievement.

People driven by this motive like to test themselves against their environment and attain standards of excellence. They thrive on outperforming the norm. They find ways to perform more efficiently, to invent new ways of doing things, or to create breakthrough products.

2. Affiliation/Personal Gain

Those who are driven by this motive are most concerned about the quality of their relationships. They enter into relationships for the sake of the relationship not for gain or influence. Such as many Howard students do, they take leadership roles for networking purposes. They are not as concerned with the quantity of relationships but with how harmonious and reliable their relationships are.

3. Power.

People motivated by influence are concerned about their impact on other people — convincing someone of their point of view or empowering others around them. They thrive on making a difference and finding ways to connect with and influence powerful people.

4. Upbringing

When you’re growing up, you vaguely assume you’ll follow in the “family business”, on the basis that you don’t know anything else. The only jobs you know are the ones your parents do and, since both my parents are leaders, its more like a requirment of you to coniitue that movement.It seemed pretty inevitable to finish what they startes alothough it comes with alot of pressure.

5. Money

being in power gives you a good pay check. If you are someone that is smart but you have had to deal with alot of oportunities that but you in a bad position , finically you would need to use you assets that you jvae since your wallet is not so heavy

April 11, 2017

Would you vote for a leader who will take the punch for the team or a psychopath ie the trolly example of pussing somone to save people or do u want someone who is going to do it and suffer or someone who will do it and carry on with there life

- Leadership is a position that carries great responsibility. Good leaders seek the interests of others before tending to themselves. To lead others well takes a degree of strength and a desire to develop and guide others. To lead others well is to lead like a shepherd.

Thoughts on civility being civil is to let it go Civility is a means of making it easier for people to live with each other. If you are rude to someone, it makes it harder to live with them. By live, I don’t necessarily mean live in the same household. Simply living in the same society as others will suffice. So any behavior which will make your life or another’s harder would be conducted in a manner that can be said to be uncivil.

Its being harder to be civil- i.e.. congress . most times you have to do what you know is best for you and being civil is just somthing that you cant do. If i am in a siuation and i know that you are wrong and i have facts to prove that you are rong but you are not open to listen to what i say nore do u care , walking away would be be the best solution, although it is rude why go into a enviorment where u know your point wont be heard.

Personal example. — My mother an i was talking to my father one da bout how he feels as a christan man about homosexuaity. He is the most religious man but he himself is not always by the good book. We asked him the questuion of why is is so wrong to let people be in love. His responds was that it is not right that adam was made for Eve not Steve.An on going argument for about an hour with no real evidence as to why same sex marrage is not allowed. Haveing a father who is so stuck on his own was is very fustrating. My father once told me, the day i support this devil act he will disown me. It was hard to hear that along with him telling me that he would rather i be pregnant then “gay”. Trying to defined your sexuallty as well as your peers who you love is hard but it is my father so i remain quite.

  • When reading “From Plutarch to Pollianus and Erydice, Health and prosperity”. This part of the exerpt stood out to me the most based on my experence, it reads

“Mothers appear to have a greater love for their sons because of a feeling that their sons are able to help them, and fathers for their daughters because of a feeling that the daughters have need of their help. Perhaps, also, because of the honour accorded by man and wife to each other, the one wishes openly to show that he feels greater esteem and affection for the attributes which are more characteristic of the other. And herein there may perhaps be a divergence, but, on the other hand, it is a nice thing if the wife, in the deference she shows, is observed to incline rather toward her husband’s parents than her own, and, if she is distressed over anything, Cto refer it to them without the knowledge of her own parents. For seeming confidence begets confidence, and love, love.”

-this is true in many cases but for me it was very oposite.