Week 5

Problems in leadership

Tuesday 2/14/17 time 1:30

Last Thursdays Issues an issue arose on the campus of Howard University. It was stated that Besty Devos secretary of educatiion in our new president Donald trumps’ cabent, Devos is a republican who can to “The Mecca” from an invite from president Frederick. This inventaion was a bit os a suprise seeing that this vist was not released to the students nor the staff. President Frederick took it about himself to make a deal with Ms.Devos. This was a two hundred million dollar deal to help aid the school. Knowing that Howard has no funds this seems like a sacrifice that President had to make. This seemed as this was a desprate measure and it was time for a desperate call. My classmates as well as myself figure that if he had told us what was going on seeing as though we dont not support the Trump party what so ever then we would not stand for it. It would be like we are reliquisihng our morals and integrity just for a few dollars. Many others stated that this is something that we need to do. It might not be alot of monsy but it is more money then our Alumni is giving back to the school that they graduated from. This is almost like many sistuations that goes on in a house hold. When dad has to go to work but he does not like his job but its the only thing that is paying the bills. This was a leadership role that President Fredrick had to make on this own with out the nagging in this ear of the staff and students.

This was a meeting that was done in secret so once it came to the light Frederick knew that this would not be the end of it and that he will hear it, but this was a call he had to make and i for one am torn about it. I understand that this was a time of need and sometimes you have to make a “deal with the devil” but does that mean putting Howards name is jepordy for siding with the enemy. There is one side of me that is like sure take the money we need it we can be mad if Howard is still here up and running. Knowing that we cant rely on our graduates and if we are being honest most of the undergaade wont help out when they leave but only come back for homecomming and say how bad Howard has gotten.The other side of me is like no don't take the money , this is a trap to say that she has the support of Howard University when really that is false information. Howard is built on truth and service and this is a service we do not what to be apart of becsue it is not truthful.


Spirits in the Materal world gave an option of the kind of leaders we wan to be:

If you had the opportunity to represent a leader today, or even an example of some kind of leadership, whom or what would it be?

  • If i was to be a leader today the kind of leader i would be is a leader of morals. If there is an issue or a person that goes against my belif system it is best for me to remove it. I will focus on the intergit of the people and myself. I will let that be known from the start so that no conflict can occure of the people do challenge my views or belifs.

What medium would you choose?

  • the means of which i will try to enforce is a policsy what what it to be expected of me.

What message would you like to communicate?

  • if there is a message i want to covay is to believe in yourself follow your heart. You should do what you feel is best for yourself and alot putting the best intrest for the people. If there is something that goes against what you feel to be true done do it for the cost of nothing.

How would you like a viewer to be affected by engaging with what you created?

  • i would like for views to see that you dont always have to go by the book. Sometimes your gut feeling can put u on the right path as well

What challenges would you face in creating the impact you wanted?

  • The biggest challenge would be not beeing able to please everyone. My morals will conflict with other people as well as their religion


There are to many issue with leaders and i did my little research on many of the topics and i came across the top 10 : I will provide my opionion on how leaders of every sort represents these factors as well

  1. Not provding feedback — As president he often has a good handle of keeping his students in the loop but then again he likes to keep us from not knowing everything which builds trust issues between us. Although most times it has to run this was for our safety , it also create a barrier.
  2. Not making time for your team — not infoming your students is one thing but not telling your stafff is another. Students might not alway see the bigger picture at first but somthinngs are for the best. With you staff being about as well informed as you not makeing them informed is another thing.
  3. Being to Hands off — Now alot of whats going oon with howard is becasue rules are not enforced as they should be. If there was a way to be more involed you should take that and jump. It will being you closer to you team and make you a better leader.
  4. Being to firendly — Making concision dessions for your community is one thing, making deals with the devil is another thing. Is ok to not to always see the good in people and its ok to be down as long as you find away back up without it crossing your belifs.
  5. Failing to defy goals —When your people don’t have clear goals, they muddle through their day. They can’t be productive if they have no idea what they’re working for, or what their work means. They also can’t prioritize their workload effectively, meaning that projects and tasks get completed in the wrong order. It is possiable that is you are a leader of a team and evevryone if not assigned a goal or task all it will create is a mess that more then likely the leader will have to fix and that helps no one.
  6. Misunderstanding motivation — Many leaders make the mistake of assuming that their team is only working for monetary reward. However, it’s unlikely that this will be the only thing that motivates them. For myself i know that i hate my job an i love the money but why would i stay if i dont like it there and it is because the people and the managers who care about me who make me suck it up and put on my big girl pants.
  7. Hurringng recrutment — take your time with the desions you make dont just rush into them. It is the same as when you go to the doctor and find out you leg need s to be amputated but when you go to get a seconf or a thrid opinion all that was needed was an injection.
  8. Not “walking the walk” — ndo not make and promises you cannot keep. do not tell me that you are going to end a war and you don't, or tell me not to be late then you walk in 30 mins after your shift has statertd. You are the leader and the role model if i cant look up to you to set a good example then what are you doing in leadership.
  9. Not deligating — Delegation does take a lot of effort, and it can be hard to trust your team to do the work correctly, since most of the time you are doing oy you own way. But unless you delegate tasks, you’re never going to have time to focus on the your work as a leader that most leaders and managers are responsible for. You begin to be more focused on what im doing that you put more stress on yourself.
  10. Misunderstanding your role — This is usually for leadeers who just entered the role of leadership. For example Donald Trump, as soon as he went into office he was tring to delegate rules and abusing his power knowing there is a chain of command that you have to go through before trying to enforce your rules.


Leaders of the roman empire such as Agustis who was the first leader to establish the pax romana was an example of a good leader.

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