Diamonds of Velvet Void

Photo by Nafise Motlaq

Smithereens of diamond dust in the dark sky

sparkling, twinkling, illuminating so graciously.

What lies there, where’s where and just why

must they shine ever so spectacularly?

So astounding and charismatic, my oh my;

Who lives there; are they peeking clandestinely;

are they lovely, are they kind; or just shy?

There must be life there, enduring stealthily.

Why are we here and they there;

could we be fortunate and they not?

Or have we been forsaken and abandoned here;

could they be swept by chilling winds; or just hot?

I keep on wondering, oh so much to bear

as I seek for answers, nether begot.

Mystifying, alluring; so far yet so near;

my imagination soars, my thoughts hot trot.

Could I be there after my earthly interlude

and be one among the marvels that suspend?

To be seen and admired, yet not conclude

and glitter as my soul may; brilliant on ends?

Even my aura’s radiance; it’ll protrude

to all corners it’ll permeate as it transcends;

where no part of my being would preclude

upon seers all the same questions shall descend.

It’s all a spiral strut of transcendence;

one that we can’t ever fully understand

but only mull over what’s in the essence

of something so mysterious; so obtrusively grand.

It’s all a humongous galactic quintessence;

an antecedent of past merge with future’s stand.

With no beginning nor end; just a rare elusive sense

that no one or nothing can withstand nor expand.

Yonder, whence I derived before earthly birth;

and back there is where I shall return.

An eternal vast expanse which has survived death;

through all the booms and churns.

Transformations, rebirths, ruptures and dearth

it shall continue on until eternity starts burning

Still there’ll be no end except more paths;

till all becomes one and one is everything.