Sands of Time

Java Sea

I walk along the sandy shores

and gaze upon the waves

as they splash just once more

washing to the shore in octaves.

On and in they keep on rolling

there seems an endless repetition

into the sands of time they’re perishing

only to disappear, as if being an illusion.

For time consumes the waves;

each wave never the same

but new only to die upon the sands, no age;

no form but just a memory’s hew.

Roaring aloud and as they die

they exhort a mighty sigh;

for here is the end of the line;

here lies the sands of time.

Our lives are just rolling waves;

as we perish a new rolls along

Soon we are forgotten, only graves

with the wind howling sorrowful songs.

Originally published at on November 15, 2016.