Simple Steps To Take To SEO Your Website

J Smith
J Smith
Jan 14 · 3 min read
Search engine optimisation for websites made simple.

In 2018, 91% of businesses surveyed were looking for ways to improve and upgrade their websites. At Blue Whale Media, we understand that optimising your website with effective SEO techniques is the best way to drive traffic, increase revenue and broaden your reach to your target audience and demographic. Being at the top of Google’s search pages is the best place to be if you want your company to succeed and yet statistics show that only 17% of small businesses are investing in SEO. The return on investment (ROI) and organic reach that come with great SEO simply can’t be beaten and our SEO Warrington team have compiled some of the most effective methods and tips to help you evolve your website’s search engine optimisation.

Take the time to conduct market analysis:

Before you invest in an SEO strategy it is important to understand what you are hoping and aiming to achieve. Do you know who your target audience are? What demographic are you aiming to connect with? What kind of language do they use when searching for your product or service? All of these questions and more are essential to answer before you invest money or time into SEO. Through surveys and audience research with tools such as SEMRush and KeywordSpy allow you to scrutinize and analyse specific keyword rankings that your competitors may rank for. Our SEO Warrington team can help you in your searches and recommend the right keywords and SEO techniques for your business.

Research and choose your keywords carefully:

Taking the time to research your keywords and analyse any potential phrases that could be beneficial to your companies online presence and success. By identifying a comprehensive list of keywords, including long-tail keywords, is the most effective way to drive sales and increase conversions. A great tool that our web design Wigan team uses is Google Keyword Planner which takes everything into account. Plurals, misspellings and any other variants are tested and ranked to provide you with a comprehensive list of the most relevant keywords that will help your website reach the top of the search engines.

Create new and exciting content that is optimised for on-page SEO:

Investing in quality content is a must if you are looking for an effective way to create on-page SEO. For Google, content is king and is one of it’s top three ranking factors. By taking the time to create quality content you are giving your website the best chance of success. For the perfect content, ensure that it is longer in length. Longer posts are more likely to contain important information and grab your reader’s attention for all the right reasons. It also guarantees that Google ranks your content highly.

Content that is keyword rich, filled with backlinks to relevant web pages and up to date is the best way to engage your customers and allow Google to rank your website highly. Keyword-rich text and backlinks will allow Google to ‘read’ your text and rank it accordingly.

Regularly test your SEO strategy and adjust accordingly:

SEO is constantly in flux. With regular updates from Google, the SEO goalposts are constantly moving. Regular assessment of your SEO strategy will allow you to make any necessary changes to stay at the top of the search engine pages. Ask yourself questions like; Am I keeping pace with my competitors? Am I reaching my goals? Are my conversions, search ranking and traffic meeting my requirements? If the answer is no to any of these questions during regular intervals then you must update your SEO strategy. Our SEO Warrington team at Blue Whale Media recommend tools such as RankTrackr and Moz to help you track your site rankings via location, monitor your competitors' results and plan for SEO success throughout the year.


SEO strategy is an important factor in your website success. Our team of SEO experts recommend that any SEO updates or changes are dealt with quickly and efficiently to ensure that your audience and Google see that you are up to date and current. As a result, this will allow your brand to thrive.

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