As you might have seen, heard or tasted TravelBird’s success is undeniable. Naturally hard work, passion and an amazing product are the key components to this success however the ‘Birdies’ behind the scenes are what makes up the core of TravelBird.

In an ever changing-growing company, as a recruiter, you are always on the lookout for that next ‘super-birdie’ who can really drive forward the teams to their ultimate high. This article is for all of you ‘super-birdies’ out there that want to join our amazing journey.

As recruiters we are constantly redefining and optimising processes to make your experience, as a candidate, the best one possible. However, when it comes to the interview, that is in your ball court. To help you in this process together with my fellow recruiters, we have put together the top 3 ‘DONT’S’ when it comes to succeeding in an interview with a TravelBird recruiter.

Staying on the surface of your personality, experiences or skills. We want to hear just as much about your failures (and what you learnt from them) as your successes. Impress us with your skills and expertise by using examples!
Don’t come into an interview unprepared. It is important to not only go over the job description but to also do some research regarding the company’s past and current successes.
Beating around the bush. Be honest. if you are nervous, sick, scared, excited, happy. Tell us about it! This will give us a more comprehensive view of what makes you; You.

The Recruitment Team ‘15

If you have any specific questions or feedback please feel free to contact me, otherwise good luck with the upcoming interviews and job hunts!