Relex now listed on LATOKEN with BTC/ETH/LA pairs

Relex is now listed on LATOKEN. Trade NOW:

To expand on the possibility for future collaboration with LATOKEN, consider the following: LATOKEN is currently located in Moscow, Russia, where we are developing significant business interests. It is also focused on the U.S. market, as it held an event in San Francisco a few months ago. LATOKEN has also identified Vietnam as a major cryptocurrency hotspot, despite current restrictions, and it is hosting a major cryptocurrency conference in Ho Chi Minh City (where we just held Relexation) next month.

We believe that LATOKEN will be a strong listing partner, particularly because of its strong KYC and AML requirements as well, which stay in tune with Relex’s regulatory compliance push as we continue to seek regulatory approval from numerous governmental bodies across the globe. As such, LATOKEN has asked that we do not allow U.S. traders at first while their lawyers independently determine the status of the RLX. We are hopeful to open up trading to the U.S. within the next month of so.

Before selecting LATOKEN, we had a third party (as we do with all potential exchanges) run a report on their volume, user base, etc. We received a positive report from this third party who had previously released scathing reports on other possible listing locations.

LATOKEN is often listed within the top 25 to 75 exchanges based on daily volume, with fluctuations occurring naturally.

We are excited to list with LATOKEN, and we hope that you will all engage with the trading platform, particularly the BTC pair.