TLDR: Play our game and help us teach AI:

For the past sixteen months, I’ve been building a curriculum for A.I. For Anyone, a non-profit based in NYC. Our mission is to improve AI literacy, especially among students, and we’ve been doing this by going into local high schools and running workshops where we teach the fundamentals.

This approach has allowed us to reach around 1,500 students in just under two years, and we’ve been blown away by how well the students, and teachers, have responded. This year, we had plans to start scaling by adding more workshop facilitators…

Everything you need to do before writing any endpoints

Image by Renee French / CC BY 3.0

A few months ago, we wanted to create a microservice that would handle sending and receiving text messages and storing the messages in a MongoDB cluster. There are a lot of articles on why you might choose Go for your next API, and a lot of examples of what that API might look like. This article is neither of those. Instead, I will talk about five things you need to think about after you decide to create a Go API but before you write any business logic.

1. Learn the Go way

The way I like to think of it is that Go is opinionated…

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