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Joshua Orr
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Early on, coworking spaces came to be as one-off opportunities for creatives & entrepreneurs who couldn’t bear to work in coffee shops but wanted to work away from home and still be surrounded by others — whether linked by craft, profession, or sociopolitical ideologies. Back before there were investors pumping billions of dollars into coworking, before there were on-site baristas and beer on-tap, and definitely before there were dedicated community managers, coworking spaces were small curated communities often hand-picked by the founder looking to build a dynamic support system. …

What happens when we stop focusing on the finish, and celebrate along the way? I never considered the latter an option until recently, while out on a guided run with Coach Bennett, the Nike+ Run Club head coach.

During my run I heard something I didn’t know I needed to hear, something pretty profound. He said, “Why should we only celebrate at the finish line? We should be celebrating more, not less. Celebrate at the start, at the hills, and, of course, at the finish.” There was more following that, but I couldn’t stop thinking about this simple, yet profound…

Joshua Orr

Josh is a graphic designer, book artist, printmaker, illustrator, lettering artist, and community advocate. In love with matte-finish packaging.

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