I was 17 when I first walked onto a major protest site. Occupy Wall Street at Justin Herman Plaza. My friends had tents there and invited me welcomingly. To find them, I walked through a belly of people, mic checks, tents and cardboard signs, unrealizing the power of intention. I didn’t understand then how one cause could bring so many people together and how the energy from this one event ripples into the future. I showed up simply because I wanted to recover from a long day of walking around in San Francisco. A year later, when I was 18…

There’s a sickness in America that has gone on for years undetected.
Without treating it, we have allowed this virus to become the
American personality like Cymothoa exigua, a parasite growing in the gills of fish until it’s ready to replace their tongue.

We love the word “FREEDOM” so much we build parades around it,
celebrating the word though we hardly know what it means or how to make use of it because the most free we have ever felt is when we leverage foreign cultures to embellish our own.

Is that our freedom?

This Oakland, California grocery was owened by a Japanese-American and graduate of University of California. The day after the Pearl Harbor attacks he put up his ‘I Am An American’ sign to prove his patriotism. Soon afterward, the government shut down the shop and relocated the owner to an internment camp. Corbis/Getty Images via History.com

To demonstrate how we are truly…

joyce keokham

storyteller based on earth http://lilearthling.com

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