Damian Wayne is the Winner

Some people may argue that children only slow down the adult or are an inconvenience (cough cough Donald Trump cough cough) but in some cases the child can bring out the best in the adult, and the comic book world is no exception to that. There have been many cases in comic book history where there were family ties. A couple of examples are: Martian Manhunter and his niece Miss Martian or Superman and his son John, but no other family relation is none more prominent than Batman and his son, Damian Wayne. His presence in the DC universe is known by both heroes and villains.

Damian Wayne was basically the bastard child to Batman for over 10 years. The story behind his birth is quite different than most children. He was genetically made in an artificial womb so Damian can be generated as the perfect warrior. He is the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul so his ancestry falls in line with perfect human beings. Damian has the physique of Batman, but with the killing ability of his mother and also his grandfather, Ra’s al Ghul. Damian trained with his mother a well as the League of Assassins up until he was about 10 years old. That was when Damian and his mother decided to travel to Gotham to finally have a family gathering. It first was a nightmare for Batman and many of his friends because Damian was an out of control child, the problem was this child had the capability of killing everybody in Gotham within 30 minutes. After a few years of training and leadership under Batman Damien finally opened up and embraced his crime fighting side, finally taking the mantle of Robin and even sacrificing himself in one issue for the good of everybody else, but he was later resurrected like every other hero.

Fans adore Damian for a few simple reasons . One reason why they love him, although this aspect they hated him at first, was the fact that he is indeed Batman’s biological son. This has been thought of before but in Batman’s history it was really just a few cameos of children here and there but nothing as big as sidekick material. The man who created Damian, Grant Morrison, made him so he would have controversy behind him. Which brings me to my next point on why fans love him and make him a better Robin. Damian is, according to www.whatculture.com, “something of a snot; literally bred to be an assassin, he had a serious superiority complex, and had no problem trotting it out for everyone to see. (“I imagined you taller,” were Damian’s first words upon meeting his father.) Although he was a brat and fans hated him for it at first, they actually fell in love with that. His story is different than other Robins, he didn’t have an awful backstory like Dick, or Jason Todd’s or even Carrie Kelly, he lived and breathed in luxury and just was forced in Bruce’s life. Making Damian stick out among the crowd and to the general public. One step above that however, is the change of heart Damian showed right before his death. On IGN.com, it truly points out his journey from an asshole to an actual decent human being. One last thing on why Damian is the best due to him as a person is that he brought out a side of Batman nobody has truly seen. Although Batman adopted most of his sidekicks they were never as personal as Damian and Bruce. It made him care for his Robin more and made him a true fatherly figure to the one that has his blood.

Some aspects and traits that put Damian ahead of the race in the Robin war is one through his fighting ability. The child was literally trained since birth by the greatest assassins on earth, this makes him a living, breathing, killing machine, something that no other Robin was capable of. Not only that, since he was bred artificially, he is the perfect specimen for a human being. He has the capability to take on any enemy, large or small. In a few instances he takes on Nightwing for training as well as his own grandfather Ra’s al Ghul (ghost form), as shown here and here respectively. Another trait that helps Damien’s cause is his confidence, which is confused for cockiness. He is known as the cockiest Robin out of all of them, which is not necessarily a bad thing but that has gotten him in trouble multiple times in the comics. But that confidence really does help when dealing with enemies lower and higher than him because due to this most assume he is easy and underestimate him, making them fall prey to his trap. Lastly, the fact that he is out spoken makes him jump of the page. Damian is not like any other Robin, he will not follow orders, he will question orders or even do his own thing, which most of the time is a bad thing but in the missions Damian has been in, they worked.

Damian’s legacy, although short (he is the current Robin as of November of 2016) has really made an impact in the DC world. He started off as a cameo but due to popular demand has stayed and really has changed not only Batman, but the people he or his son work with. His fighting skills, attitude and overall difference than the other Robins, make him a better one when put one vs one. Not only in one aspect, but in some instances multiple times. Damian is skilled and will thrive where ever he is, being the son of Batman truly does have its perks.

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