Why Dick Grayson is Better

Throughout history, many scholars and famous people always say the original is the best or, being first in something makes you the greatest. An example: George Washington is considered one of the greatest presidents because he was the first the United States had, and some people consider Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope the best out of the saga because it was the first one released. Most of the time however, there is no evidence to back up these theories, but in the case of finding thee best Robin, original could take the cake. Spanning through over 40 years of comic books as the Boy Wonder, Dick Grayson is the pinnacle of what a truly sidekick is capable of, making him the best.

Robin, born by the name Dick Grayson debuted in the world of comics in Detective Comics #38 (April 1940) Dick was a sensation among the comic book readers of pre and during wartime. His biography goes as follows: He was born into a family of acrobats named “The Flying Grayson’s” and performed as the youngest in the group. The circus then travelled to Gotham City but ran into trouble. A mob boss by the name of Tony Zucco came and demanded the circus owner to pay a “protection fee” or bad things will happen. The owner refused and during a performance one of the gangsters cut the high wire while Dick’s parents were on it. He watched his parents fall to their deaths and once he got wind of who did it, he was about to go to the police. However, Bruce Wayne (Batman) was in attendance and stopped Dick before heading to the police. Bruce took him in and trained him for a grueling 6 months, in those 6 months he learned how to fight, obtained detective skills and strategies that Batman himself uses. They fight together for years (although technically it is 40 years our time, in comic book “years” he fights as Robin from the age of 8 to about 24) and when Dick finally branches out to do other things, he is one of the most respected people in the DC universe.

One aspect that makes him the more loved Robin is the fact that his origin story closely resembles Batman’s. As young 8 year old boys, both watch as their parents die by the hands of Gotham’s criminals and both had to be raised by an older man (Dick was raised of course by Bruce but Bruce was raised by his butler Alfred Pennyworth). According to IGN.com, Dick was helping Batman not only through crime fighting, but to move past his personal tragedy and to finally find “peace” by crime fighting. This Robin was “the light in Batman’s dark world.” Not only that, it is that he “set the template for what it means to be Robin.” By that he means since he became the first, he showed what the Robin persona entailed, and performed as Robin to the best of his abilities, which nobody has come to match. According to www.Newsweek.com, Dick set the precedent as well as trained Robins after him and helped Batman with his training methods. In Newsweek, Dick “provided a thrill loving contrast to Batman’s grim drill sergeant, who brought out an unexpected paternal side of Bruce Wayne’s character — all these elements would be developed (Tim Drake), deconstructed (Damian Wayne) or inverted (Jason Todd) by later Robins, but the paradigm begins here.”

In terms of abilities and traits, Dick beats just about all the Robins. First off, he was an acrobat at a young age, this ability gave Dick natural athleticism and a foundation that Batman could work with when it came to training. His skills made him able to follow Batman into battle and to fight on his own, which has happened many times. Some Dick Grayson fighting scenes can be seen here. Notice how he swings in branches and his ability to cartwheel and flip easily, due to his past profession. Another big trait that puts Dick above all Robins is his ability to hack seen here. He learned this ability through the Wayne Enterprises computers in the Batcave and through Batman himself, who is no stranger to hacking. Lastly, is Dick’s ability to be a natural born leader. While under the persona of Robin, Dick commanded one superhero group, the Teen Titans. He became the leader of the group during his teenage years and commanded them through multiple victories and a few losses. His keen ability to lead heroes from different backgrounds and species made him special. Defeating big name enemies such as Deathstroke and Trigon add to Dick’s outstanding resume as Robin.

Lastly, the legacy that Dick leaves behind is one to take into consideration because the public is a fan of Dick. When people think of Robin, more likely than not they will picture Dick Grayson even though they don’t know his name. That alone makes Dick special as he is the poster child for Robins. Him being Robin for over 40 years does help too. He was the boy that always smiled and followed Batman into the dark, which made fans fall in love with him. Even though he was shown tragedy at a young age he never fret when he put on the mask. According to www.Whatculture.com, “At worst Grayson could be annoying and whiny (cue the “Robin, the boy hostage” jokes); but by and large, his tenure as Robin was characterized by tenacity, bravery and ingenuity.” Dick made sidekicks loved and not an inconvenience to the superhero. He became the reason every superhero had a sidekick as he truly was the first and as of today, he is still the best.