You May Have Seen My Face on BART
Isis Anchalee

Damn. We are so driven by stereotypes that seeing a good looking woman as an engineer in the Internet flipped our worlds. That shouldn’t be the case. Because she is a woman and/or looks good or whatever she is given disrespectful treatment in the office. That REALLY shouldn’t be the case. We see a good looking woman that works in publicity and no one bats an eye, a good looking woman engineer appears in an ad and everyone loses their minds.

I must admit I was shocked. Not because I didn’t believe Isis was an engineer, but because I am so used to stereotype us engineers as nerdy, bad looking people, that the ad was a legitimate surprise, a really really stupid one. This article has awoken me of the chauvinistic lethargy I am part of, and for the women I harmed with my attitude; I sincerely apologize.