Walk with Carrot.

Install Carrot app on your smartphone and watch points accumulate

One day you look into the bathroom mirror after shower, and you noticed your beer belly got considerably larger. You immediately rushed to a scale, and started to panic because you gained a considerable amount of weight. So, you decided to start exercise ‘tomorrow.’ But, on the following day, your new motivation for losing weight quickly died down. Then, you start to make excuses for not exercising today.

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Starting exercise is one of the most daunting task, especially if you are not accustomed to exercise. There seems to exist this huge mental block that prevents a person from going to a gym or grabbing a pair of running shoes and start running. The experience is very similar to waking up early in the morning.

There is one exercise that does not require any gym membership or fancy equipment. It is walking. Walking may be the most underrated exercise that humans can naturally do. According to Mayoclinics, benefits of walking are strengthening bones and muscles; maintaining a healthy weight; improving any preexisting conditions like a high blood pressure, fast heart rate and atherosclerosis; and improving mood and emotion. Walking does not have to be hiking for 1 hour in nearby park. It can be done just by walking to subway station rather than taking bus during a morning commute, or taking stairs instead of elevator.

In order to give an extra motivation to walk as much as possible in my normal daily routine, I have been using an application called Carrot. Carrot is a free reward application that you can install on any smart phone. Basically, the app is sponsored by Petro Canada, Cineplex and Aeroplan. So, whenever you walk with your smartphone, every step is converted to one of aforementioned company’s reward system.

Ever since I installed the app, I have tried to walk whenever and wherever I can. Taking stairs if I am going to 2nd or 3rd floor, walking to subway station instead of riding a bus, or walking from Bay station to Yonge station are some of adjustments I made in my daily routine. Since then, the chronic back pain that I have had for a long time has gone. Also, you can connect Fitbit and update the information later if you forget to bring your smartphone with.

There are other ways to earn more point beside walking by participating in surveys or answering some questions that the app provides. They are not much individually, but they accumulate quickly. For reference, you can redeem $5 off using 500 Scene points.

I strongly urge to install this app. The app is free. You do not have to do anything once you register your reward card. It gives extra motivation to walk more and, as the result, it can improve your health and mood.

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