【Thinking on Sunday】Let’s focus on result

In society we need to bring on results.

When we were a student, we have to take regular exams and entrance exams.After we graduation, we become a member of society.No matter what types of job we join,it must request us to achieve results.

The most clear instance is sales.A sales person should make out his monthly,quarterly,half period and full year business result.In Japan people call the sales target “Noluma”,a word that implies constraint and pressure, and have negative image of it.But I think it is lucky for a business person that his business result will be judged with objective and fair rules.

Other jobs than sales also request people to achieve results, but as their criteria of judge is not so clear,people tend to forget it.For example people in R&D department needs to report his findings,people in corporate planning department needs to propose ideas of new business or hand in reports of daily activities in the corporation.As long as you join this society,you should achieve results.

At the sight of companies that adopt the system of process evaluation,some people says that process is more important than results.However it’s not true.Process evaluation system is just an advanced system of performance evaluation,not a conflict idea with it.

In the first place,process evaluation is not a idea to rate your efforts.It is a system to measure your repeatability of achieving results.Most company that adopt process evaluation system,just reflect the result of it up to 20% of their personal ratings.

Therefor it is not “Process or Result” but “Process and Result”.Here again it is results that matter.

However,there are people who have a strong resistance of being requested to achieve results and feel dreadful pressure of it.Though they can understand the fact,but they can’t be insistent on achieving results.

When we was a student,we have faced some situations that request us to achieve results.Examinations for example.However your teacher won’t put pressure on you everyday,even if your scores were terrible.In spite of that,we are demanded results persistently.So,it is not strange that some people can’t attune their self.

Some times,people make excuses to escape from the pressure.Actually,the excuses requires a remarkable volume of wisdom and creativity.It is very interesting when you look objectively at it.

I give you a example from my experience.I am in charge of overseas business in my company.One day,I offered my colleague to make a proposal to expand sales in foreign countries.Surprisingly,he researched market data,vital statistics and regulations to say that it is impossible to expand our sales.Then I made a proposal myself and promoted the business.

He had great intelligence to research various data and used plentiful energy and time to say “I can’t”.I think if he can use his wisdom and energy to explore ways that we may be able to expand our business,I must get a wonderful idea.

No matter how long you escape,you can’t change the fact that society request us to achieve results.Why don’t you pursue achieving results yourself?

Everyone must have experience of achieving results in his/her life.No matter how small,it must exist.Got a good scores on tests after you studied,went around together with the person you had crush on,photos or writings you uploaded to internet were read by a lot of people,completed a video game.Everything is ok.That is your achievement.Remember how you felt when you achieved your goals.Weren’t you happy?Weren’t you excited?

Many pressure from outside make it hard awake the simple fact.Achieving your goal is a extremely pleasing thing.When you escape,pressure looks big,but when you start to pursue achievements it makes no matter to you.

If you are a freshman,please focus on achieving results before you form a habit of escape.

If you have already fall into a habit of escape,please get start to think about how to achieve results not how to escape,on this occasion that you have read this article.As I wrote above, people who can escape has a remarkable sense. It is not easy to think about an excuse that can convince others ,when you endure pressure.If you change the direction that you think about, you must be a creative business person.

Stop creative avoidance, Start creative action.

I wrote about how important that focus on results.At last I’ d like to write about the first step to focus on result.

According to brain science, the simplest method to form a new habit is to begin it small and bring up it big.

Our brain likes to maintain the actual condition.If you suddenly start a new hard habit, your brain will show you every resistance.

Therefor, our first step of focusing on results should be a easy step.Take note of your target and present status everyday.If you didn’t focus on your result till today, I think you don’t know your target and your status clearly.So start to take note of them everyday to recognize them.

The point is everyday.If you want to do more thing,start do it.However if the additional thing may make it hard for you to do it everyday,please stop it.Forming a habit at first is the most important thing you should do.

Our brain is very interesting. Just recognize the target and status, our brain will start thinking about ways to achieve it voluntarily. You can say that you are a professional who focus on the result of your job, when you get to this stage.Though it is hard to take the first step, but after it you can find that things will turn better. When you find it won’t stress you to think about how to achieve your goal, you can go to next step.

The next step is a little difficult to keep on. Turn PDS cycle every week.

P: Plan works you will complete this week. What are you going to do? How long, how many, how much are you going to do?

D: Just do it.

S: Check the action you did this week.Did you achieve your goal? If you achieved, why could you did? If you didn’t achieved why couldn’t? Make the reasons clear and think a new plan for next week.

Turning PDS cycle looks easy, but it’s hard in fact. You can’t keep on turning it just rely on your will. Our will is like our physical strength, it will decrease after you use it.

So, don’t start PDS cycle at first. Just take notes until you realize that your brain can’t stop thinking about ways to achieve your goal.

After your brain start thinking ways to achieve your goal voluntary, it don’t need your will to continue.

You may feel the same sense when you are playing games or planning for trips,when you are thinking about ways.

When you get to this stage, you can find every thing seems different.

Stop escape.

Let’s focus on your achievement from now!

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