About my tweet from yesterday..
Vlad Zamfir

Thanks Vlad, this is the kind of communication we need. We can all empathize with your situation, so thanks for spelling it out; understanding is necessary given that we aren’t (yet) telepathic. I mean, troll tweets that amount to (benevolent?) market manipulation aren’t the sweetest, but I get it. I think if you go about things correctly, which with this post I would think you mostly are, you wouldn’t be loathed or roasted like fucking Karpeles or Tual should something go south. Just ask for help, resources, whatever, and receive it, don’t make excuses. Ego is a problem in tech (if only it were limited to tech…), and Ethereum benefits from founders and participants that have humility — it seems, as an observer. Casper can’t come soon enough, especially in that fewer people will make any investment in mining as the transition to POS nears, yet the attention, usage, and price will likely rise in anticipation. Anyway, git er’ done, good luck, we believe, and bloody fund raise if you need to; I would pay for you to get aids if means faster Casper.

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