I have had some great memories playing baseball. Sports in general has played a big part of my life. I know I have already blogged about hockey, but baseball has been equally important. My story in baseball ties in quite a bit with some of my other blog posts. It started poorly but ended with hard work and some success. I could blog about how I started playing baseball and playing through the years, but I want to focus on the great memories I had with my friends. Baseball is the sport my school is best known for, at some point about every kid in the school has played. By the time you get to ninth grade the numbers have shrunk enough so you have an idea of what the varsity squad will look like. Ninth grade spring baseball was an unreal time, I know it may seem weird to love baseball when I didn’t start. It was the guys on the team who made it so fun. We all knew each other before, because of the small school, but in the small two month season we became great friends. Are team was good we went 19–2 on the year beating teams sometimes by ten runs or more. We were also vocal yelling all the time and generally being obnoxious. We had played a team early in the season and were down 11–1 due to poor fielding then came back to win 18–17. Later in the year we played the same team. In the first game we had created some nicknames for kids on the other team. As we did are little run from foul pole to foul pole we yelled those nicknames when one of the players was warming up in infield outfield. We thought we were funny, but their coach had a sit meeting before the game with their players telling them to ignore our antics. Our antics must’ve worked as we ended up beating them by over 20 runs, one of my favorite games ever. In 10th grade summer ball in another one of my favorite games to relive even though we lost, was a game were we did ricky over. ricky over is where the pitcher fakes a pickoff to second and all the fielders act the ball went into centerfield. In theory the runner on second should run to third where the pitcher will throw the ball and tag him out. Well we were up on New Ulm, but they had a big rally in the top of the sixth to take a one run lead. Their best hitter was up (a future gopher baseball player), with a runner on second. Are coach came out of the dugout and yelled “ricky get over”! So the play was on, the first pickoff throw went to second. Safe then the trick, I remember the anticipation of knowing it was going to happen. Then they did it, the runner went back to second and then heard the yelling. Realizing the ball went into centerfield he took off for third. Their third base coach was fooled to and was yelling for the runner to advance to third the runner ran and Nate, the pitcher calmly threw to third, out. Inning over. I remember yelling “yes”! Running in seeing the New Ulm coaches standing, stunned because of what had happened. My favorite memory of the play might be from a vocal parent of a New Ulm player who berating the umpires wondering why the player was out if the ball was in centerfield. We ended up losing, but I will remember that game for the rest of my life.