Perseverance is possibly the most important trait someone can have. Life is all about how you react to any news good or bad. How you react to bad news is the difference in life. I feel if I am lucky enough to have a dad who was firm in the belief that you can go as far as you want, based on your work ethic. A vivid memory I have of my dad teaching me perseverance is from 7th grade. The previous year I had started playing hockey, which is an expensive sport. To offset the cost to my family I wanted to work to help buy equipment and pay the fees. Since my dad works at a golf course, I tried to caddy. It started off poorly, I would make the hour drive to Wayzata and not get a loop. This happened three or four times. One day my dad came in and woke me up it’s pretty early in the morning. I told him I wasn’t coming because I won’t get a loop. I went back to bed, my dad came back and woke me up. “Just try one more time.” I did and the rest is history. I ended up making enough money to pay for hockey. I continued to caddy and ended up earning a full ride caddy scholarship to the University of Minnesota. Without my dad coming back and waking me up who knows where I would be today. Going from 9th grade to 10th grade I was one of the weakest kids in my grade. To become stronger I started lifting and working out at least three times a week. In the beginning it felt like I was treading water. I thought, why am I wasting time. I kept going and eventually got quicker and stronger. It paid off with good sports seasons junior and senior year. The hard work is worth it, not in sports but in life. Taking a test and getting an A is a good feeling. Take a test where you had to study for an get an A the feeling is even better. If you give no effort and fail the hurt isn’t there, it hurts when you work hard and then realize it wasn’t enough. When I think about dreams I have, they seem hard to reach. Acknowledging, there will be setbacks on the journey is what will get you over the hump. You want to get up in the morning knowing yes, I worked my tail off to get where I am. I look to my brother right now to see if he has the perseverance. He plays hockey, but was down after realizing he was going to start the year on 4th line. I told him to keep working hard and to remember last year how much lines change throughout the course of the season. Hopefully I can draw on what my dad has taught to help not only my brothers and sisters but also to help others who are feeling down. Whenever I feel down about anything and possibly quit trying. I think back to the morning and how trying one more time you could finally accomplish whatever you were struggling for.

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