How Roger Stone’s Campaign Of Tammany Hall Political Corruption Lead To Trump-Russia

John Akwei
May 30, 2018 · 4 min read
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I n 1972, Roger Stone worked in the Richard Nixon White House, learning political dirty tricks tactics as an assistant to Bart Porter, (Nixon’s dirty tricks operative, sentenced to 5–15 months in prison for the charge of making false statements during the Watergate investigation). In 1977, Paul Manafort managed the campaign of Roger Stone, for President of the Young Republicans Association.

Stone then utilized his political dirty tricks training as a manager of political campaigns in the late 1970’s. During this time, political operative Roger Stone was referred by colleagues as, and also referred to himself as, “the Prince of Darkness”. Stone became the Northeast Campaign Manager of Ronald Reagan for President, in 1980. Via this position, Stone possibly exported New York City — Tammany Hall political dirty tricks and corruption to other sectors of the United States.

During the 1980’s, Manafort and Stone formed the political consultancy, Black, Manafort, Stone, and Kelly. BMSK possibly had the goal of further exporting Tammany Hall-type political corruption throughout the World. In furtherance of this goal, Manafort and Stone sent agents, (including Michael Caputo), around the World rigging elections for politicians friendly to the USA.

In the 1990’s, Michael Caputo lived in Russia for 5 to 7 years, working as an operative to get Russia politicians elected, very likely under the direction of Paul Manafort and Roger Stone. On October 21, 2011, Caputo stated via twitter: “Oligarchs get away with almost everything. Moscow. New York City. Tomato, Tomato.” After the November 7, 2012 presidential election, Caputo stated, “Obama leveraged social media, mined new frontiers of data, unified all that data, and nano targeted messaging. Mitt had bonfires.”

On election day, November 7, 2012, Donald Trump, posted to social media, “We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided!”. Russian Member of the Duma, Konstantin Rykov, replied to Trump, “I’m ready. What should I do?”. Trump replied with a photo of himself with a thumbs up gesture for Rykov. Konstantin Rykov later explained that after this event on November 7, 2012, that he devised a plan to “ensure the victory of Donald Trump”, via use of social media, psychological profiling, micro-targeting, and personalized information manipulation. Thereby, violating laws of illegal contributions to elections by foreigners, and data theft.

According to Roger Stone, Donald Trump finally committed to running for USA President on January 1, 2013. On July 17, 2013, Donald Trump attends a meeting with several Russian politicians and oligarchs in Las Vegas. From November 8–9, 2013, Donald Trump attended the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, Russia. The Russian politicians that met with and escorted Trump during his visit, (Rykov associates Yulya Alferova and Artem Kylushin), later expressed overwhelming support for Trump becoming USA President, and even suggested he would have support for his election effort from Russia.

On December 13, 2013, Michael Caputo organizes a meeting in Trump Tower to explore a run for New York governor for Donald Trump, before running for USA President in 2016. Also attending was New York City pollster Kellyanne Conway. Trump requested that the New York Republican party fix the primaries, so that he would not have any competition from other Republicans. The New York Republican Party organizers attending the meeting explained this wasn’t possible. Trump then declined to run for Governor, and said he had bigger plans to work on.

In 2014, Cambridge Analytica was formed in England by Alexander Nix, Robert Mercer, and American citizen Steve Bannon, via use of Facebook data stolen by St. Petersburg University Professor Aleksander Kogan. Cambridge Analytica’s objective was to psychologically profile the USA’s voting population and isolate individual voters in false information environments, using illegally obtained Facebook profile data.

In May 2014, Vladimir Putin’s caterer, the Concord Catering CEO Yevgeny Prighozin, formed the Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg, Russia, with the objective of rigging the 2016 Presidential election for Donald Trump via use of Social Media propaganda. The Internet Research Agency ran a complex, highly coordinated, disinformation campaign of Kremlin-linked propaganda and fake news on Facebook, and across the web, during the election.

Thereby, Roger Stone’s dirty tricks tactics from the Nixon White House, (and traditional New York City Tammany Hall derived political corruption), had been exported to Russia, and many of the other countries of the World, and now set the stage for the greatest scandal in the history of the USA — Trump-Russia.

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