Respect is earned.
Gino DeluXXXe

Education and training teaches officers to treat everyone with respect and to calm the situation as best as possible. The issue is, the communities feel they are doing no wrong and when officers arrive they are already at a disadvantage. Arguing and ignoring lawful commands from officers ends in the results you see on YouTube and social media. If you have broken the law and do not follow instructions given, officers are trained to escalate force to get a subject to comply with the instructions. I don’t feel that officers are entitled to respect, although they should be. Risking their lives to save others is pretty respectable. Training prepares you for most incidents. You can’t train for everything. Life experience trumps training every day of the week. Doesn’t change the situation at all. If people want officers to be more Barney Fife like, then they need to obey the law and the orders given when they do not follow the law. Challenging officers only ends badly for everyone.