UX CASE STUDY: Compass Logistics

Compass Logistics is a startup aiming to provide software solutions for the construction industry.

My Role

To take UX design of the project from initial concept to a stage when it can be
handed over to the developers. As this is a small company I was operating as a UX team of one. The project evolved from initial wider ambitions to focusing on a mobile app.


• Gather user requirements.
• Initial Research (interviews, competitor analysis, identify key
pain points for site managers)
• Ethnographic research (site visits, observation)
• Task modelling + persona generation
• Final design (achieved through an iterative process undertaken alongside the research tasks)

Initial Research

• Interviews with stakeholders and target users of software.
• Competitor analysis (plangrid + basestone)
• Task analysis of core processes
• Review previous projects
• Technical discussion with developers

Refining the Concept

Through my initial research process the nature of the project shifted. After my own ux competitor analysis and some wider business model investigation by another team member, it was decided to refocus the product as an app catering for a more niche group (managers of smaller scale construction projects) rather than simply trying to compete with the range of more complex and feature heavy software on the market. With this in mind the app focused on core inflows and outflows to a site (deliveries, waste removal and contractors.)

Ethnographic Research

Site visits- Observing a typical day on site.
• Manager splits time between office and touring the site.
• Manager splits time between phonecalls, emails and speaking to
employees in person.
• Problems often arise when the situation is in flux e.g. contractor is late, contractor lacks necessary supplies, delivery arrives late, log-jams at some times, idleness/unplanned breaks at others.


Unlike most of my previous projects I only developed a single persona for this project. The reason being that the target market for this project is quite specific and so it seemed best to create a sharper focus on this one ideal user.

Task Flows

I produced task flows for the key processes on site.

The particular regard for pain points usually
involving unexpected changes to a scheduled arrival of men or materials.

Co-Creation Activities

I lead some co-design workshop sessions with the core team to help develop the information architecture of the app. Firstly this was about refining the number categories to be included e.g. should types of contractor be broad or more specific. Secondly about selecting the most appropriate titles for all the different categories, menu items, buttons etc.

An example of the results of these sessions is shown below:


I began by working with the existing paper based Time Sheet as a starting point. (At this stage we were working towards a more ambitious responsive scheme- so I began by working in landscape format.)

I sketched out some possible ideas- considering key themes.

(Above + Below) I produced some higher definition sketches to help the team visualise possible designs better.


I produced some final designs, iterating on previous sketches and wireframes, and seeking to best encapsulate my strongest research conclusions.

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