Selling Online Is Cheaper & Easier. Really?

With the rise of the Internet era, promoting your brand and product/services to your target audience has never been easier.

Yet at the same time, tougher… Why the paradox?

The Obstacles.

In the last 30 years alone, there are more information produced as compared to the last 5,000 years put together. A whopping 4 billion and more pieces of content (Facebook posts, tweets, videos, emails, listicles, blogs, ebooks, infographics, webinars, Instagram posts, etc.) are produced daily!

Online platform algorithms are constantly changing the way content is organised and filtered to consumers.

Even cats, dogs and food photos are vying for and gaining much attention.

Here’s a fun fact: did you know a goldfish’s attention span is 9 seconds whereas a human has ONLY 8 seconds?

You can spend enormous amount of time, effort and money in creating an ad, a social media post or blog. But, would it get to the intended audience? Or would they want it?

How then do we as brands and marketers cut through the online clutter?

ATTENTION Has To Be Earned.

Attention an important currency, and as brands and marketers, we need to know how to EARN it.

What consumers need is not more content but rather, RELEVANT content. A recent study shows that more than 63% of consumers will defect from a brand due to irrelevant content*. Maybe it’s time to ditch the conventional way of bombarding our consumers with sales and promotional messages.

The dynamics of the marketplace have evolved. A consumer’s buying behaviour is no longer linear. Instead, it’s now a complex user journey that is focused on experience. Many discerning organisations are already deploying tactics such as responsive designs, one-click forms, personalisations and re-targeting to earn more attention currency.

This is also the very reason why Facebook and Google are constantly altering the way they feed content to the users — in the name of User Experience.

Brands, It’s Not About You.

Let’s say you’re in the middle of an important meeting. Which would annoy you more — receiving a call or a text message on your mobile phone? Although disruption is a popular term in the tech and digital world, it is unfortunately a turn-off for consumers. Connecting successfully with our consumers is no longer based on our timing. Rather, we need to observe and respect their timing. Case in point, see how on-demand movies & TV series are gaining popularity as compared to free-to-air TV channels that are based on the schedules of the stations.

In summary, LISTEN, CONNECT and ENGAGE with your target audience before embarking on your next Facebook post or email blast. Earn precious attention currency through meaningful content, interesting engagement and awesome experience.