Do Your Job

Ever been to a restaurant which serves up cuisines that are so out of this world that you’ll continue patronising it?

Now, if this restaurant has the rudest and most unmotivated service staff, would you think twice about going back?

Most, if not all, organisations are constantly trying to stand out among their competitors. But what if an organisation’s success hinges on something else?

Look at Apple today. It remains #1 in the technology industry. But if Steve Jobs has left Apple then for ABC Company, or if the iPod team brought along their technology and expertise to this ABC Company, will Apple still enjoy the same success today?

No, it won’t. ABC Company might, though.

Just like the restaurant we’ve mentioned earlier. Even if it impresses with a world-class menu, it will soon see its customers dwindling if it doesn’t do anything to remedy its lousy customer service!

So, it’s not just about how fabulous an organisation’s, restaurant’s, or agency’s offerings are…

It is YOU, the unique individual, who have the ability to make significant contributions and differentiation to your organisation regardless of your title or role. And when these individuals come together to form a winning team, US, the impact would be phenomenal.

“Perhaps your challenge isn’t finding a better project or a better boss. Perhaps you need to get in touch with what it means to feel passionate. People with passion look for ways to make things happen.” — Seth Godin, Linchpin

Once you recognise and unleash your full potential, get ready to witness the extent of your influence and impact on your organisation and customers! Like what Seth Godin mentioned, you’ll be indispensable (or at least highly valuable).