NYPD Bracing For “Historic, Euphoric Crowds” On Day Trump Resigns
Allan Ishac

This is so funny, what fake news. There is no indication that the President will resign. Most people thought the same with the community organizer who had never managed a large project or worked in management. That guy wanted to be the manager of a country, and DOUBLED our debt in 8 years…more than any all other presidents.

I think I missed your sources of information. You mention the US Intelligence Community told NYPD. (But, you should have known that the US Intelligence Community does not collect intelligence on US Citizens, inside USA.) They could not provide intelligence on the US POTUS… it is illegal because he is a US citizen. (I do not think they are stupid enough to admit to a crime of illegal intelligence collection to a police department.) Your article was fun to read, but I do hope to see your sources of information, or maybe you should label it as comedy. I did not know which this category for this article.