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Here’s a capture of the result to get you excited (with pudding)

When my friends ask me what I want for my birthday I usually draw a blank.

Then I start to think, it lasts about three months, and when I’m done thinking, my birthday is over, I have no friends left, and I use my own money to buy self-help books on Amazon Prime.

But there is one place where I’ve spent literally hours of my life creating a catalog of the things I like: Facebook. …

This is a quick and dirty fix, but it helped me export 1300+ links to Pocket.

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I find a lot of useful content on Facebook and their Save button is very convenient for reading links later, but I’m also a huge fan of Pocket, especially for reading articles on my mobile phone, so I wanted to find a solution to get the best of both worlds.

Edit (2020–09–06): I open-sourced the Google Chrome Extension on Github:

Edit (2019–07–12): I took the time to convert all the scripts in this page to a Google Chrome extension, which should be more convenient for most people. …

Library (computer science) A collection of software subprograms that provides functionality, to be incorporated into or used by a computer program.

TL;DR: Try https://phpkg.com, a new search engine for PHP dependencies.

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The age of composer

Long gone is the time when you add to copy and paste thousands of lines from the internet, or download and unzip a library in your project, making updates impossible, your code base size unmanageable and your code vulnerable.

Today you just composer require any piece of code and it becomes easy to implement, version, update, and even replace if a better alternative comes along.

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Why would I trust some code that I didn’t write myself?

When you add a feature to your project, you can start from scratch — also known as “reinvent the wheel”, or you can use a piece of code that has been time-tested, peer-reviewed, that has already solved all the problems you’re going to face and that already covers use cases that you may need in the future. …



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