A Passionate Relationship

If there is one thing that I love more than everything else in the world, it’s chocolate chip cookies. A batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies is something that I constantly crave. In high school, when I got home from school everyday I would have a pretty big decision, whether I should start on my homework or if I should procrastibake and make some delicious chocolate chip cookies.

The chocolate chip cookie is the goddess of all baked goods. It takes your mouth to an entirely different realm and then with one creamy glass of milk, it causes the multiverse to explode into a thousand different silky smooth chocolate waterfalls. The cookie can’t even be slightly over cooked or instead of melting in your mouth it will make a distinct cracking noise that can easily ruin a month of your life. The most delicate moment of baking a chocolate chip cookie is between the nine and ten minute mark of when it is in the oven. In some ovens nine minutes is the perfect amount of time to get the perfect warm gooey cookie, but in others you need to leave them in for closer to ten minutes. If you screw up the bake time, no matter what the recipe is, you will ruin what could have been an amazing cookie.

Chocolate chip cookies are something I’ve come to be known for. At first it was just my sheer passion for eating them that got me recognition; however as I began to bake them more and more, I became known to make some of the best chocolate chip cookies in Northeast Florida. It became an art to me. My craft was something that I was so passionate for I was willing to burn my fingers or even get a stomachache because I tested so much dough. I can say I truly love chocolate chip cookies.