Best Buddies.

I was cruising down the 305 when I saw a strange creature lying on the ground. I slowed down to look at it and I realized it was a different species. It was male, about six feet in length, and wore some type of cloth to keep the bottom half of himself covered. I had never seen a creature like this before.

He began to move. He used one of his limbs to wipe off his face as he sat up. Then he got up on two of his limbs and stared at me. When he stood upright he towered over me. I had never seen a creature this hairless before. Our eye contact remained unbroken as I timidly hopped toward him. He bent down and extended his hand. It seemed he was trying to greet me. He grabbed my hand, his skin was soft and I began to blush, so I broke eye contact. He began to smile, he seemed so gentle and kind. I liked this creature and he seemed to enjoy my presence.

He scooped me up and began to walk toward the strange ship behind him. The ship was black and shiny. It had strange symbols across the back, “Ford.” I’m not sure what that meant or where we were going but I knew I was absolutely in love with him. He put me in the vehicle and proceeded to shove a piece of metal into the vehicle. It started to vibrate. Then we began to fly. We were headed right back down the 305 and my fur was rustling in the wind.

I looked over at him and he looked back at me. I knew in that moment we were the best of friends. Although an unlikely pair I knew that there was nothing that could separate us. As we flew, we began to approach a group of structures. It was where his people lived, there were more like him. Soon enough we were surrounded by his people and had come to a stop.

He once again scooped me up and took me out of the flying machine. We walked into a building where there were other Kanga’s in cages all around. They were scared. I could see it in their eyes, they didn’t want to be there. Something was wrong. My friend didn’t seem to be bothered so I nuzzled up against him as much as I could knowing that he wouldn’t let anyone hurt me.

He put me down on a table and another one of his species entered the room with some metal objects. They both made sounds. I stared at them looking back and forth following the game of sounds. Then they both looked at me. My new friend grabbed me with a firm grip, and the other one came toward me with the metal objects. I tried to back away but my friend wouldn’t let go. Then the other one stabbed me with the metal. It stung a little bit but he took it out right after. My friend gave him some paper, then he scooped me up and we left.

We flew right back down the 305 and he dropped me off right where we had met. He began to walk away. Then he turned around and looked me right in the eye. Then he closed and re-opened one of his eyes. I knew I wasn’t going to see him again, so i watched as long as I could until I couldn’t see him anymore.

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