How to Avoid the Zombie Apocalypse by Electing Bernie Sanders

Last weekend, I went to see Bernie Sanders in conversation with the community of East Oakland CA at the Allen Temple Baptist Church.

Waiting for Bernie Sanders to arrive at Allen Temple Baptist Church in East Oakland CA.

Bernie asked his staff to find a place in East Oakland that would allow him to visit and address questions from the community.

“If they will have me, I will come,” Bernie said.
Line forming outside of Allen Temple Baptist Church
Nearly 200 people showed up to hear Sanders speak
Distributing Bernie buttons

The Allen Temple Baptist Church agreed to host him, and so he came.

Bernie Sanders addressing a crowd of nearly 200 at Allen Temple Baptist Church in East Oakland CA

Toward the end of the discussion with Dr. Ramona Tascoe, Danny Glover, and Jane Kim, Bernie told a story that made my jaw drop.

What shocked me was not so much the story itself, but that the stark truth was being told by a presidential candidate.

Bernie stood before us, breaking down history with heart-breaking honesty and providing a revolutionary vision for a truly United States.

(transcript below)

Bernie Sanders: “Now, lemme just conclude on this thought. This is my view, something I’ve been thinking about for years.

If you think about history in America and some of us are old enough to remember what was going on in this country 50 years ago.

How do right-wing politicians succeed?

You know how they succeed? It is the same old story not just in this country. It’s all over the world.

You scapegoat people.
You say, “You got a problem? I know what the problem is, it’s her! She’s Asian.
You got a problem? I know what the problem is, it’s him! He’s Black.
You got a problem? I know what the problem is, it’s Bernie Sanders, he’s Jewish.”

You scapegoat people and you blame people for all of the damn problems that exist in society. We have seen this.

I’ll tell you this story. I wanna tell you this story.

Back in the 1950s, think about this. Way back when. The lowest paid White workers in America were in Mississippi. They were the lowest paid White workers in america. They didn’t earn anything!

Now you know how their employers got away with paying them starvation wages?

They said, “Hey, you can drink from that water fountain, but the Black guy can’t. Aren’t you a lucky guy?”
That’s what you do. You divide people up.

And that is exactly what the Trumps of the world are all about. All right.

We understand that if they divide us up, we go nowhere in a hurry.

If we stand together, as Black and White and Latino and Asian-American and Native-American, as Gay and Straight, Male and Female…

If we stand together and we have the guts to take on the big money interests — there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

Thank you.”

We all know that if Trump is elected, nation-wide race riots will break out during his reign.

If Hillary is elected, we’ll think we’ve escaped the bullet, but at the end of her second term, we’ll try to revolt and discover that we’ve been living under martial law and didn’t even realize it.

So, how about we just avoid the zombie apocalypse and elect Bernie Sanders?