The Impact of Space Flight on the Poet-Brain

Jennifer Hasegawa
Jul 21 · 5 min read
ASTRO-SPAS, the reusable “satellite vehicle” built by Daimler-Benz Aerospace, with the ORFEUS telescope payload peeking through the open door near the top middle of the photo. Photo from ORFEUS-SPAS 1,2.

ASTRO-SPAS being prepared for a subsequent space flight on STS-80. This photo shows multiple red Remove Before Flight tags that provide clearly visible cues of parts that must be removed before launch. Photo credit: STS-80.

Photo credit: NASA. Found via The Shuttle Flight That Did it All: Twenty Years Since STS-51
Video credit: Space Shuttle Flight 57 (STS051) Post Flight Presentation Video. (x2 speed)
Photo credit: NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech

Flight patch for STS-51. You can see ORFEUS-SPAS represented in the upper right, emblazoned with the colors of the German flag. I have a patch that was flown in the cargo bay and it is one of my most-prized possessions.

Weightlessness is a great equalizer.

— Sally Ride, NASA astronaut and first American woman in space

Jennifer Hasegawa

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Poet and Information Architect

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