You Can’t Fight Fascism With Fascism, Liberals
Thor Benson

I disagree with what ou say, but I would give my life to let you say it”. Voltaire.

I think this saying sums it all up. We have had this kind of debate in France for 10 years now when it comes to the Front National of Marine Le Pen. Should we or should we not ban this far right wing political party? Should we prevent its representatives from speaking on national broadcasting TV channels and radios? If we consider free speech as a fundamental right of our democracies then we should allow them to express their ideas, even though we may find them against our views. If we consider a democracy as the rightful choice of the people, then we should take the risk that democracy itself can bring to power such dangerous populist parties… As I am used to saying , democray holds in itself the means to destroy itself, by accepting the risks of popular representation. If we consider these parties, or their discource as dangerous, then why not ban them point blank? Well, because we would not be in a democracy anymore. We have to fight fascism by countering their discourse, not by limitting free speech. Saying that, I have a French point of view as I am not very aware of what YOUR First amendment really implies. Sorry if my comment is out of the topic.

I enjoyed the article though.
Greetings from the old world.

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