Disrupt Away — Somethings Just Never Change…

“With All This Tech, We’ve Completely Forgotten The Storefront Location…”

Recently, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time working to solve a major problem for local businesses, driving foot traffic. The painful reality is that with the rise of Amazon, Shopify and food delivery services like Postmates, it’s all too easy for customers to shop from their couch and never actually make it into your store or business. This might not seem like the biggest problem ever, but when you factor in the amount of impulse purchases that never happen it can create a significant loss or revenue.

Why Digital Ads Have Failed.

Even the most naive advertisers know that you have to reach your customers where they are … and online is where they are. They are browsing on their Surface Pro, Mac Book Pro, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, and many more. To reach them you have to advertise in a way that captures them on their devices. This is where digital advertising has failed.

We’ve created a way to drive users to online assets like websites, videos and forums, but have failed to drive them into our physical locations. For service businesses like restaurants, grocery markets, movie theaters, and entertainment parks, this can be a huge loss.

The struggle starts with the inability to store a digital advertisement in the way that you can store a physical coupon. The exception to this would be an email coupon, but even with that, they have a tendency to be lost, forgotten, and oftentimes irrelevant.

A New Approach.

The system is broken … so we decided to fix it.

To start I want to introduce a concept called Reward Activated Marketing (RAM). The goal of RAM is to activate a user with a digital reward, that can be stored and redeemed at the most appropriate moment, aka when they are in your store.

Currently, we are using RAM in mobile video games (You can check out a video of it here) as the user plays the game rewards are found and captures, but instead of being a pesky pop up that is intrusive and disappears forever, the reward is stored for later redemption in a non-intrusive way. The rewards are then redeemed in-store driving local foot traffic and most importantly allowing for impulse buys.

How To Implement RAM.

Currently Reward Activated Marketing is only available in mobile games like Piggy Bankz. Games are an obvious target for RAM because they cater to reward placement, but there is also a big opportunity for RAM to expand into other areas like gamification productivity applications or even into rewards programs.

To learn more about what we have been working on, check out Adjoy.

About the Author:
Jesse Williams is a young entrepreneur, husband, father, technologist and SaaS marketing expert. You can follow him on Twitter and learn more about him and his projects here.