5 Unforgettable Food Experiences

India is a culturally rich country, which house different types of food and delicacies. Indeed every state of the country has its own specific taste and food. Food served in our country is so diverse that we don’t even have a national dish like other countries on globe.

Ever since my childhood I am a big fan of food (both cooking and eating), and have tried and tasted many different foods. But, when it comes to writing/talking about the unforgetable experiences, pages of these 5 chapters strike me.

For close to 3 years I have been living in the capital and this journey has added new chapters to my life which I will cherish throughout. In the past two years, I have dinned at many different restaurants and hotels with friends and family, but these masterpieces have left such an impression which would barely get faded over years.

1. Pot Belly

Small cafe in Shahpurjat village of Delhi is a place which offers mouthwatering creatively done Bihari cuisine to its guests. I landed at this place during lunch hours on a busy afternoon. The ambience of the place showcase eco-friendly and soothing atmosphere with number of plants beautifully placed in and out. The tables and chairs were old fashioned with a mix of modern touch.

Menu of the restaurant is designed to give a feel of Bihar. We ordered “litti chokha”, “Dana jhamarua thali”, “Madhubani thali” and “Ranchi ke Pulao”. The food was both delicious and beautifully served. The ruling ingredient of all the dishes was egg plant and chana dal. Before dining there I didn’t know you could have so many variants of these(Surprisingly).

Each and every scoop gave us immense pleasure and treated our taste buds to the fullest.

2. Rustom’s Bonu

Rustom’s Bonu is a parsi restaurant located on the very busy Adhchini road of Delhi. This is a small but extremely clean place to enjoy Parsi cuisine. Stepping into Rustom’s is very similar to entering into a well organised and reminds one of old world parsi cafe’s of Mumbai.

The menu was fresh and completely new to my palate. So we took waiter’s advice and ordered “French beans na pattice” and “Vengana na kabab” as starters, and are completely in love with them till date. The main course was also equally delicious and left the diacritic Parsi taste on our tongue. The food served at the place was a mix of traditional cooking and trendy serving and was fully complimented with the drinks served.

Awesome experience!

3. Prego

Prego is an Italian restaurant in the “Great India Place Mall”, Noida. A pure Italian restaurant is difficult to find in a country like India where people prefer spicy food. This restaurant has a serene ambiance and a completely different menu as compared to the usual restaurants. Service is caring and efficient making it an pleasing experience. The food served here is absolutely creative and authentically done to meet the expectations of anyone entering this place.

Over with the Delhi NCR- stuff. Lets go places now.

4. Hari Garh (Udaipur)

The journey to this restaurant is in itself a chapter which would take another 500 words to narrate, so ill skip that.

Hari ghar is a newly inaugurated lake view restaurant located on the banks of Lake Pichola. The colossal water frontage of the lake and its surrounding from the place is soothing and unique. Restaurant served traditional Rajasthani and North Indian cuisine and the taste was excellent. A perfect food experience that satisfied our appetite and captures our move.

5. Le cafe (Puducherry)

Le cafe is a small cafe by the sea shore at Puducherry. The cold breeze at the sea shore demands a hot, perfectly done coffee, which is affably served at this french style cafe. The stunning view of the sea makes the food experience all the more ambrosial. We also ordered for some cakes and croissant, the cake was fresh and fluffy and the croissant buttery and flaky, just the way how it should be. This sea side dining experience was definitely a catch for the day of our Pondicherry visit.