5 Ways to Eat Vegan While Travelling

Eating Vegan is both an art and a healthy habit I must say. Being an India and belonging to Jain community I have not tasted Non- vegetarian food ever. Yes! you read it right I am a pure Vegetarian who eat more of veggies, salads, bread etc (not even eggs). This habit of mine at times makes it very difficult for me to travel which is my hobby. But then I thought should this stop me from scaling the Globe? Definitely not. So I figured out ways that helped me eat Vegan and enjoy my travel.

  1. Book Apartments with Kitchenette- This is the best way to eat Vegan if you are traveling to a place for long duration. Apartments with kitchens allow the chef in you to take charge and fill your stomach with tasty surprises.
  2. Stop Eating Start Grazing- Finding full Vegan meals is little time consuming but definitely you can grab handy stuff like energy bars, nuts, bread, cakes etc that can help you eat vegetarian while exploring new destinations.
  3. Grabbing your meal at Airports- Airports are more likely to have at least one or two veggie friendly eatery’s offering plant based food. Go grab yourself a meal or takeaway at any such shop.
  4. Research before you leave- Being a Vegan you definitely need to do a little more research like me before you are all set to board your flight. you can find vegan friendly restaurants and note them down. Also, different apps like happy cows, Trip Advisor, Vegan Guide will help you locate vegan friendly places. If you are fortunate to find a Mexican place you have hit a Jackpot.
  5. Sandwiches and oats are always savior- Yes even if you have booked a room in some hotel/hostel you can definitely make coleslaw and oats meal packed with energy along with some fresh fruits to kick-start your fun fill adventure at a new place.

This is how I eat Vegan without canceling my travelling plans. HAPPY EATING HAPPY TRAVELING!