Tomorrow never dies, 2018

The other day I watch an old James Bond movie, Tomorrow never dies from 1997. It was actually a little scary how spot on this movie is about today, being surrounded by fake news and a US president that is turning people against the main stream media.

The crazy media mogul in the movie, Elliot Carver, is trying to build is global media empire by starting a world war. Little did he know that there was a much easier way, today referred to as social media and especially Facebook. Let’s just admit it, even if many of us don’t like it, Facebook is in some ways controlling the world. 2 billion people are being manipulated by Mark Zuckerberg and as time goes by his powers get stronger and stronger. Elliot Carver would have loved this, and he could legally without anyone questioning his intentions take control over the world. Maybe not a job for James Bond then, but the world could need a hero that will fight social media when our politicians don’t seem to understand what is going on.

I don’t think Mark Zuckerberg is insane, which Elliot Carver clearly is in the movie, so I think Elliot Carver is more of a Donald Trump kind of guy. Trump would (and might will) start a war to show the world who the real world leader is. But since Mark Zuckerberg is the guy that got Trump elected, he could well have played the role as the tech guy of Elliot Carver, a genius that could hack any computer system in the world.

Most movies does not end up as our reality, but Tomorrow never dies is dangerously close to become our real world. Lets hope the madness stops before its to late.

As a funny side note, does more people than me see Elliot Carver and his tech guy as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak? They must have been the inspiration for the producers :)

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