Field Peas

In Garden Class we have grown our own plants. My field peas are starting to bloom. The flower is purple and white, it smell’s like a rainbow. Here is a photo of what the bloom looks like.

This is my field peas, some of them them have flowers.

One of my pea bush has started to blossom. It made me feel exicted, because I want to grow more peas and watch them grow. I like the color of the bud. It will create the peas.

The flower was dark purple and a light white. It smelled like peas. I’m exicted to see more blooming flowers in the garden.

The splash of color was extravgant and pleasant while the sun shined bright. the petals were as soft as snow. I like the feeling of the petals.

I hope this year there will be more flowering buds an the pea bushes.

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