How to build links at scale with SEO SpyGlass

Google ranking factors

  • The content itself and
  • External links pointing to that content

The importance of high-quality content

  • It scrapes the top results from Google (or other search engines)
  • Analyses the content to see what topics/keywords occur frequently on the top ranking pages
  • Shows you the topics/keywords that appear in your SERP competitors and their frequency across the competitors.

The importance of backlinks

Step 1: Find related keywords

Step 2: Find & filter sites that rank for each of these keywords

  • If you don’t filter and remove irrelevant content at this point, you’ll end up with a lot of garbage in the next step.
  • When you outreach to people who have nothing to do with the topic of your content, they will start marking you email as spam. This will negatively affect your overall delivery rates into the inbox.

Step 3: Find out how many websites link to these URLs

Why a fresh index matters

Step 4: Find the exact backlinks using SEO Spyglass

  • Linking domain info -> Linking Domain
  • Linking domain info -> Contact Info

Step 5: Merge all exported CSV files & remove dupe domains

Step 6: Add missing contact info

Step 7: Clean your email list

Step 8: Send the emails and follow up

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Just random thoughts on stuff.

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