1 plus 5 getchu 6

1.Knowledge the 5.Reality of who you are and remain 6.Balanced

Bis mi Lah.

Have you ever seen a really really religious person seem to magically drop their religion and take on a host of vices ? Or Vice Versa ? Have you felt like complete shit one day & feel like an million bucks the next ? Thats the Human condition. It seems like the Nafs — soul , or psyche — loves extremes. From over eating , self indulgence etc . Either you a Sinner or a Saint . But you aren’t either . In Reality, you are somewhere in between. You aint Lord of the Worlds but you aren’t a piece of shit. You aren’t Einstein but you ain’t a idiot. Allah [ swt ] say in His Book — Quran — that He made man well proportioned. Balanced. Find your Balance. Peace