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Every element of your App Store product page has the power to drive downloads of your app. Learn how to help customers discover your app and engage them through thoughtfully crafted METADATA, on your product page and in search results. — Apple website

What is app Metadata?

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The Metadata of an app are basically all the images and texts displayed on your app page in the App Store. Name, subtitle, descriptions, keywords, age rating, screenshots and much more.

Why is app Metadata so important?

Optimizing your app Metadata is extremely important to make sure that the potential users that see your page on the App Store are going to be converted into real users of your product. To make this real, it is important to boost the app position on the search ranks (ASO) and make it appear on the first positions when someone search for a specific word. …

Localizing your app to all languages in the App Store takes too much time. Not anymore!

Let’s start!

Jaamly is an iOS app that manages all the app information required to publish apps on the stores — including Metadata and Screenshots. All content created inside the app is linked to a project and a version.

On the example below we have Project X with a version 1.0 and English U.S. as primary language.

1) Tap on the screenshots icon to access the tool.

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Choose your templates!

2) Tap on the “+” button and choose the templates you like most.

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Jaamly provides thousands of templates, including Premium templates accessible by Premium users.

Once chosen the template will be immediately ready to be modified. …



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