Chicken Pulao, Dal, and Smoothies

Tuesday 8/16/16

First attempt at Shama Aunty’s pulao recipe completely on my own:

Alhamdulillah. 4 Hours Later.

— — — — —


Dal, came out really good

Chicken stew for pulao, really good

Rice, not quite as good. Likely since I mixed 1/2 brown rice with white rice because I’d had it for a while and wanted to use it up what I had left.

So, since the two rices mixed, they didnt exactly cook evenly, and the white rice became overcooked, while the brown rice was not completely done.

It looked and sounded so good in theory though… the taste of white rice mixed with the healthiness of brown rice. Next time either go full suit with the brown rice only, or soak the brown rice longer, or just have the chicken stew by itself because it’s just that good. Seriously.

The chicken stew/soup for the pulao came out really tasty and I had a cup of the soup just by itself. Chicken soup for the soul.

— — — -

I made:

  • Dal
  • Chicken breast qeema
  • Chicken Pulao
  • Fruit smoothie
  • Veggie/green smoothie

Dal & Chicken Breast Qeema

This ended up being a mix of half masoor (red) dal & half (straight?) dal/lentils

There’s the chicken breast qeema as well. It came out pretty dry and not super fancy, even though I thought I’d done a decent job with adding more spices than normal, including: red chilli powder, turmuric, garlic cloves, dried cilantro leaves.

This was cooked on the stove in some oil along with some of the fried onions from earlier.

Good thing I didn’t cook the whole batch here, as I still have some of this marinated leftover. I plan to turn the rest into baked burger patties, as that seems to be a much more effective way of making qeema, for me lately. Although with the breast meat being much drier, I’m not sure what to expect. Still, this meat is way leaner and is supposed to be much healthier than the legs, which is why I wanted to cook it in thr first place.

Chicken pulao

I might have been better off either sticking with one type of rice here or just cooking the chicken by itself, because the whole chicken boiled with the spices came out really good.

However! I found that the chicken leg quarters I purchased separately/in addition to the whole chicken were much larger and seem much more like typical hormone’d chicken you’d find at the grocery store.

For this reason, next time I’d rather just cook two whole chickens instead of one whole chicken plus chicken legs, since the whole chicken seems more wholesome, natural, and tastier than the meat from the chicken legs sold separately.

Here you see the whole chicken on the right and the leg quarters alone on the left. Notice the size difference

Here’s the marinated chicken.

Red chili + lemon pepper spice + raw garlic. Yumm this batch was looking and smelling super tasty before even going on the stove.

My pot was not large enough to hold all this, especially with water added, so I borrowed a giganto pot from the neighbor, which was super legit to have, because it allowed all the chicken pieces to spread out and cook more evenly and probably faster.

There’s the pot I borrowed.

I cant get over these fried onions. Unbelievable. Whenever I make these, I seem to end up eating most of the best ones straight out of the pot before I even get to add them to the dish.



You can’t possibly tell me there isnt something amazing going on there. It’s okay to admit it. :)

Fruit Smoothie

This came out legit, as usual. Alhamdulillah :)

I’ve made a version of this many times before.

Added mango slices this time, pretty good.


  • Strawberry
  • Mango
  • Almond milk
  • Flax seed
  • Chia seed
  • Water

Not enough liquid at first, the Nutribullet was smoking at first and barely spinning, then after a few seconds the blades finally started spinning full speed

Veggie/Green Smoothie

Epic fail..

  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Carrots
  • Almondmilk
  • Water
  • Radishes

I think everything was okay until the radishes. Imo that’s what really threw off the taste idk why I thought this would be a good idea. The color of the radishes looked really nice. Not in a smoothie though, not in a smoothie.

P.S. #BerkeleyBowlWest