Building the Avatar! Part 2 — What is the character, the path, the goal?

Jaan Kruusma

Naked, hungry and angry — that is how the crusader felt after beating up his bad habits, his vices that he had served for years. Beating up himself and the people around him because he feels that the world is insane. What is the right thing to do, what is the truth? Is there such thing as truth? Who gets to define the truthcan truth truly be defined with words? or even with experience? Do all characters have their own truth, their personal mission in the game?

What will the character do next? It is cool to say, the crusader, like a hero of a sort trying to fight for the just cause, but in truth, he just kills for the truth — his truth. Maybe he is the antihero. It is easy to hide behind that — so bad that he is so good. What is the character? What is the point? The good, the evil, the neutral.

Next step — defining the path or finding the path — this can be a good start to understand what the character needs to do? Super Mario had it easy, just look for the princess in a sequence of castles, and if the character doesn’t die during the crusade, then maybe, maybe in the end after he will reach the final level and kills the boss monster, then maybe he will find the princess and live happily ever after. Or maybe the character dies or Luigi finds the princess first. Sorry, Mario, the princess is in another castle. What happens when there are no castles and monsters to fight anymore? What happens when the game is over? What happens when the character of the story reaches the destination, the end of the path?

The adventure continues…

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Jaan Kruusma

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The plan is to stick to the plan , if the plan changes then be happy— Simple meditations about life and technology.

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