Dancing with Vilnius

Jaan Kruusma
May 23 · 3 min read

Vilnius was the first stop of the journey to find the local Lindy Hop community and go dancing. This was a great success and gave us more willpower to fulfill our mission — to dance with Europe and connect with swing dancers. If you are wondering why swing dancers, then let me tell you that they are one of the most positive and open-minded people you can find — Like us :) We found them at Lindyhop.lt social dance event at the railway station and were the last ones to leave the dance floor.

Falling in love with Kristina Ragelyte 💙💙💙

I and Vahur both have our own history with this beautiful city. I have been here with an Erasmus Project during his studies at Estonian IT College. Vahur had been here by accident and drove here a few years ago. He fell in love with the City at first sight and had been dancing here before in a very beautiful place next to the river and was super happy to be back. The vibe of Vilnius is unmatchable compared to Tallinn and Riga — people are sitting in cafes and people are all over the streets even if it is a Monday evening. Definitely check out Italala Cafe and also many other cafes on the same street.

This is the first long (6 weeks) road trip for the both of us, so we had many eureka moments after the first few nights in Vilnius. First of them was bringing too many things, we thought that it as a good idea to bring a lot of food that we can prepare by our self when camping, but actually, it is faster and can even be cheaper to just eat out, if we are not staying long periods in one place. And we are in Europe, everything is available in all the shops.

So next time when planning a trip think about what you can sell, not buy, before the trip.

The second part is the tempo we can manage to do everything. We are doing our daily work as we travel and at the same time we are filming in each city and documenting what we do, and it actually takes a lot of time and energy to create and edit the content. So take time to enjoy and also take your time to work. And please let us know if you care what we share, this will boost our energy on the long road ahead.

The first step has been done and we are on our way to find new adventures and learn as we go.

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Stay positive and stay tuned!

Jaan Kruusma

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The plan is to stick to the plan , if the plan changes then be happy— Simple meditations about life and technology.

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