I believe

Jaan Kruusma

that technology is the path to a better world. I believe that this has helped us, the humans, the homo sapiens, evolve into a more connected and peaceful group of beings. In this statement, technology means everything — like speaking and writing, meditation, the wheel and of course the more modern ones like the steam engine and the internet. The last one is my favorite because I was born to this era and had the luck of being connected to the internet from an early age. Shout out to MSN Messenger, Kazaa, and Runescape, who have shaped my world.

From this belief, I have also built my mission and vision. I want to help people connect with each other and spread the technology needed for this. My vision is a world with free individuals who support each other thanks to equal access to technology and education.

Social eating https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ea34FjUQqvY&vl=en

The internet is building more and more connections around the world, in between different nations, races, between humans and brands and so on. You can feel the sense of connection if you have the chance to travel or search around. One might argue, that this is also causing a disconnect between humans, one example might be sitting at home for dinner and watching other people online eat their dinner. This might sound unsocial, but I think this is at least some kind of connection and proves that it doesn’t matter how we connect — people are all over looking for connection — who are we to judge what is right.

My daily work is to help entrepreneurs and marketers to connect with their potential customers and fan group through social media. They are mostly already online, they understand that there is a demand and they are there to work for filling that demand. I love what I do and the people I get to work with — they often inspire me without them knowing it and I get the feeling I should be paying them ;) Thank you! They are already connected and connecting to those who are also connected so it’s basically building internal connectivity with the connected. I do a podcast with the point that people business minded people discover new ways to connect, also for myself to connect with my guests. It is amazing.

As of April 2019, 56.1% of the world’s population has internet access, and 81% of the developed world.

I realized that so much more people are not connected to the internet yet, or are so with an irregular basis from an external location. I thought first that what can be done globally and then recalled that Facebook is also doing big efforts to connect the internet with more users — you can check out https://info.internet.org/en/ for more information. Then I recalled a saying that if you want to be global then start locally.

My head started cracking and I started asking questions, what is the first thing needed — a device. The most practical device today is a smartphone. So that would be the first step — to get devices to people who don’t have access yet. For this, I had an idea thanks to my phone getting old an the feeling of getting a new one. I am guessing that most of us want a new phone every 2–3 years although at the time the new phone seemed to be the best and last forever. In an objective point of view, our old phones are okay, but we still want better and new ones. So I say this is okay :D Especially for people whose job is related to taking pictures and marketing in social media. This is me justifying myself. So with so many old phones, maybe there is a chance to collect them all, clean up the software and distribute them to people in need. They might not be with the latest camera but they are enough to get you started and going. So what do you say? Would you give your old phone to a person in need? What would be your requirements?

Where can I find the right people who to donate to?

Another question is the service provider — at least in Estonia, it is rather easy to find free wifi almost everywhere, but of course, a personal sim card is best. Would a telecom company provide a minimum data packet? Would you donate 5GB a month to someone who is using your phone?

Next question is the content or the support — how can we help to encourage the people who receive the phones to pursue education with the devices. Would you be willing to be a digital mentor to the person you donated your phone to? What are the limits for you? How much are you willing to help?

I am looking for any feedback and suggestion and feel that this is a powerful idea that can really change something. And I will do my best to lead the way by trying it out myself and let you know what happens.

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Jaan Kruusma

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The plan is to stick to the plan , if the plan changes then be happy— Simple meditations about life and technology.

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