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Jaan Kruusma
Nov 8, 2018 · 2 min read

One of the best questions to trigger the thought patterns of your mind — you start to think and become aware of your thoughts. When I hear this question, I start thinking, but also I can lose my self into my thoughts. If you think about what is on your mind, then that is on your mind

What happens next?

My thought was about writing down my thoughts so I formulate something for myself and others to read.

I spent 10 days in silence, no phone, no talking to anyone and it felt so good. This week I have been observing my behavior and oh my god — I am a technophiliac. I realized that I am spending soo much time behind a screen and I don’t even have a TV (or Netflix). Even now I am sitting behind a computer…

Somethings need to change so here are my ideas:
1. No more screens after 21:00
2. Turn off all notifications from my telephone except the ones I have created my self — Google Calendar
3. The last one I learned from Sven Nuum — start leaving audio messages, saves time and keeps the emotion.

Any more suggestions?

Jaan Kruusma

Written by

The plan is to stick to the plan , if the plan changes then be happy— Simple meditations about life and technology.

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