The threat posed by the shift to the Mobile Mom also presents an enormous opportunity for CPG companies. The mobile app becomes the virtual endcap, and every shopper gets a different look (an endcap is the display at the end of a store aisle — highly valued space inside the store), highly customized to her interests, preferences and shopping behavior.
The WalMart Earnings Miss is a Cannon Shot for the Retail / CPG Industry
Jeff Richards

As a dad I started to see the true value of mobile when my first child was born. This was about 5 years ago.

While she was sleeping in my arms, I could order the errand products, like the supermarket and, indeed, the diapers from my mobile phone.

This was the pivot moment for me to focus on mobile and nowadays I don’t order anymore on a website whom doesn’t have a mobile site or app.

Especially for consumer goods will it be very important, because there’s very little exclusivity in the channels where to get the products.

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