In HBO’s show Ballers staring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson there is more than just a business man with a lot of troubled clients. The Rock is faced with many problems for retired athletes. One being what is after football in his case. For him it is being a financial manager for many current athletes. It is not normally that easy for someone who has known one thing to do their whole life and then not being able to do that anymore. Another problem he faces is abusing pain killers, many athletes have lived with the pain throughout their career, but now that they are done it is hard to live with constant pain. In the show, there are many athletes with money problems. You would not think this because of the huge contracts that they are being paid, for example, the recent contract of Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions. His contract is over five years for 135 million dollars, you hear those numbers and think that is too much money and it is, but if you don’t manage it properly you end up with nothing in the end. Ballers shows you this and the way that athletes lose their money rapidly. The Rock’s character also shows signs of CTE, a brain injury that many football players face after their careers are over. The injury lead to premature death, and serious brain damage resulting headaches. The show Ballers shows many more problems than the simple thing of daily life it goes behind the typical TV show and dives into bigger problem.

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